Future Sounds

Massive Future Sounds Preset Soundbank
This 50 patch soundbank combines elements of future bass, funk, and EDM with the melodic touch that Speaker Feature Studios customers have come to expect. Most patches feature evolving elements and patterns, doubling as pads or leads.

Great sounds right out of the box
Demo tracks include multiple instances of Massive and occasional drums (not included) with no external effects. Below is a breakdown of patches used in the demo:
0:00 Alter Ego
0:14 Alter Ego + Mallet Radiation (arp)
0:27 Celestial Fade + Lead Me
0:41 Liquefied + Course of Time (arp)
0:55 Liquefied + Course of Time (arp) + Corner Case + In the Cards
1:08 En Route
1:24 En Route + Lead Me + Lead On + Ripple
1:40 In the Cards
1:54 Metal Shavings
2:01 Metal Shavings + Stay for Awhile + Signs of Life
2:21 Last in Line
2:39 Approaching Infinity + Course of Time
2:53 Down the Line
3:06 Down the Line + Fate (arp) + Plasticity + Kid Again
3:20 Charged Particles
3:34 Keep the Balance
3:41 Keep the Balance + Shiver + Charged Particles (arp)
3:54 Whipped into Shape
4:08 En Route
4:15 Mallet Radiation
4:22 Mallet Radiation + En Route
4:35 Possibilities (arp)
4:49 Possibilities (arp) + The Fantasy
5:03 Liquefied + Carve it Out
5:17 Liquefied + Corner Case + Lead On

macro_late_night_driveMacro Controls
Typical macro controls include wavetable position, cutoff, width, filter speed, and effects adjustments.


All payments securely processed through Paypal. Soundbanks will be mailed to the email address associated with your Paypal account. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email within 5 minutes. All patches are saved as .nmsv files. If you have Massive version 1.2 or earlier, please download the free upgrade through the Native Instruments Service Center. Please see our instructions for adding a soundbank to Massive if you are not already familiar with adding soundbanks.