• Television ads and shows
    Speaker Feature Studios can write a song that’ll match the feel and sentiment of your video/advertisement. You can also browse existing commercial tracks on Soundclould or through my publisher.
  • Youtube Video Accompaniment
  • Film Scoring and Trailers
  • Radio Spots
    We follow radio and TV loudness standards so rest assured your clip will be ready for airplay.


  • Demo Mastering
  • Mixing
  • Vocal and Instrument Corrections/Tuning
  • Repetitive Tasks
    Certain projects require the same task to be done over and over. Speaker Feature Studios can write scripts to automate this process and cut edit time down significantly.
  • Digital Filter Design
    Have a specific digital filter you need designed? Speaker Feature Studios can deliver a VST or AU plug-in implementation to meet your filter requirements.


  • Remixing
    Remixing your hit single in a new genre can help you reach an whole new audience.

  • Individual Track/Instrument
    Looking for an instrument hook/solo or is your track just coming up short?
    Speaker Feature Studios can provide that perfect element – whether synthesized or acoustic, we’ll write the instrument track you’re looking for.
    Need an instrument track to sound more authentic?
    Speaker Feature Studios uses the most up to date professionally sampled instruments to make sure your track sounds like it was played live in a studio session without any of the overhead costs of hiring a session musician or booking studio time.
  • Aerobic and Dance Mixes
    Some projects require a fixed or climbing BPM.  Whether you have songs in mind or not – Speaker Feature Studios can delivery you a continuous DJ mix to meet your needs.