Adding a Soundbank to Razor

NOTE: The instructions below are for users with the full version of Reaktor who would like to use the .ssf file to add a snapshot bank to Razor. If you are running Razor in Reaktor Player please use individual preset (.nrkt) files and these instructions to use the soundbank.

Adding a soundbank to NI Razor is a little more complicated than Massive since Razor is an ensemble within Reaktor.

First, open Reaktor and load Razor. Make sure you hit the Sidepane Button (magnifying glass icon) and then select the Snapshot drop-down menu (camera icon) tab.
Choose Razor from the drop down menu:
Next we will add a new bank so that no existing banks are overwritten:
Select the newly created bank (in this case Bank 10) and then click Load Bank. Choose the soundbank of your choice (.ssf file) and click Open. The soundbank should now list all snapshots (patches).
Although you can now go through and play the soundbank and snapshots, it will not re-load next time you open Razor unless you save the whole ensemble. If you do not want to overwrite the original Razor ensemble, save a copy:
Close Reaktor. Next time you open Reaktor, load the new Ensemble file that you created in the last step. Razor will still load correctly but now the new soundbank has been stored permanently along with Razor.